Terms & Privacy

Terms & Privacy


The terms and conditions of using insiteur is the kept by the protocol governing the abilities to create a business respect to allow for the both the user and company to have mutual trust, it is to be exercise to bring a meaning to fulfilling the demand of our services and for users to gather the searches as they desire.

There are not much practical terms to using insiteur, you can simply log on and start to use our services as you accept these details. The law is within the consideration and some ordinary care to the response of searches and the way you treat our service.

At any time insiteur can make changes to these terms and it is up to the user to read and accept these changes. You must agree to the terms of service to participate, and is given the support required to perform searches. A function of our terms and service it that you provide true and accurate information should it be designated and where it necessary for you to respond.


Insiteur provides information and has to maintain such understanding involved in the transfer of data and for users to be in compliance with our procedures. Everyone must follow the guidelines and accept these circumstances to maintain a good status towards the purposes of using our business.

We do not relay personal information to any company, organization or individual, should it be necessary for such obligations it must in regularities, legal and lawful condition. All personal information is kept confidential. If our company is within a network that requires a merger of company’s policies then that information is kept under the new guidelines that is established.

It is an ongoing procedure to secure your information and protect you from any fraud. Insiteur collects some information such as an IP address and searches to enhance the capabilities of the browser. You however do not need to provide much information to perform searches, in any case if it is a request then the subjected information can be used for some relevance.

Insiteur reserve the right to make changes to our policy and users are notified when it displayed on our website. Everyone is therefore responsible for reading our policy and to accept these changes.